This Toddler has a Touching Reaction to Being Bullied

Bullying is a sinister concept of the society in which we live that could not be totally eradicated.

Bullying can be present everywhere in daily life, from work to sports teams. But the saddest thing is that bullying is present mainly in schools.

Children are more naive, they have not yet established the notion of good and bad.

Noah Gilbert’s mother felt on her skin what it means to be bullied when she got on the bus with her son.

As soon as the two of them got on the bus, they began to hear the others around them making inappropriate comments about Noah’s ginger hair.

Some of the teens even said they would kill their child if he had ginger hair.

Others have begun to say that the place of children with ginger hair is at social services. Sad is that Noah was able to understand what the teens were talking about and was saddened.

Noah’s mother did a heartbreaking post on Facebook that quickly became viral. She told everyone how her child constantly asks her why no one likes hir hair.

And he asked his mother every day to do something to change his hair color.

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