Touching story: Single dad adopted a sick girl with Down Syndrome rejected by countless families

The fate of a girl was changed after she was abandoned by her mother and then by about 20 potential families who were looking to adopt a child.

The story of baby Alba’s adoption has gone viral worldwide on the internet. Little Alba suffers from Down syndrome.

Luca Trapanese is a single gay man. He clearly wanted to be able to adopt a child.

It is a well-known fact that social services do not offer gay men much custody.

But it seems that in this case, social services have made an exception. In an emotional interview, the Italian Luca Trapanese tells how he decided to become Alba’s father.

He said that this journey of becoming Alba’s father would completely change the stereotypes about the traditional family, religion or fatherhood.

Luca has previously worked in centers that help people with special needs. And he said he always wanted to be able to adopt a child.

But being a gay man in Italy, adopting a child is an extremely difficult process, almost impossible.

It can be seen quite clearly that Luke is a man with a big heart and I personally believe that the fate of this little girl has just changed radically for the better.


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