Reaction of a sad bear that was released after 30 years of being lonely in a rusty cage (video)

She is Fifi and has a heartbreaking story to tell. Almost 30 years ago, Fifi was captured after the Pennsylvania roadside zoo.

For almost 10 years, this bear has been forced to do all sorts of tricks.

The poor bear was forced to do this for 10 years. Then the Zoo closed and the bear was relocated to a miserable shelter that was designed for a dog.

Fifi was discovered by PETA in a deplorable state. The bear was suffering from untreated arthritis.

PETA transported Fifi to the Colorado facility where she received the help she needed.

This bear will have at its disposal the proper habitat it needed so much.

Fifi has completely recovered and her health is perfect. The bear’s legs are getting stronger as the day goes by. The bear started hibernating this year.

To see the amazing transformation that this sad bear has undergone, watch the following video:



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