Gary Sinise Donates a Smart Home to Ex-Green Beret Who Lost Both Legs in Afghanistan

Caleb Brewer, 1st class sergeant, was severely injured in combat when he was sent to Afghanistan in 2015. Both of his legs were severed, however, the soldier managed to survive and eventually retired in 2016.

When he returned home, he faced all the difficulties of living without his legs. However, Hollywood actor Gary Sinise took notice of Caleb’s situation and decided to help him.

Gary Sinise’s foundation contacted Brewer and encouraged him to apply to the RISE program, whose main aim is to build houses and vehicles for wounded vets.

Now, Brewer and his family live happily in a new smart home in Tucson, fully outfitted with all the commodities to assist Brewer.

The foundation stated in a press release that these special smart homes will greatly increase his ability to perform daily functions.

The Gary Sinise Foundation has also initiated other projects in order to help military veterans and their families. As a matter of fact, Gary Sinise also brought more than 1000 children of fallen soldiers to Disney World. These initiatives demonstrate to us what a wonderful person Gary Sinise is.

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