Leland Yee, Ex-Calif. State Sen., Gun Control Champion, Heading to Jail for Weapons Trafficking

Leland Yee (67), had risen steadily in the ranks of Bay Area politics since the late 80s. He then went on to sit on the city’s Board of Supervisors and in the state Assembly. Lately, he has become the first Asian American speaker pro tem in 2004.

From 2006 on, he served as a state senator until his political visions were curtailed by a federal indictment in March 2014.

The arrest swept Yee and his associate Keith Jackson (51) up in charges alongside some notorious personalities, like Chinatown gangster Raymond Chow.

However, it turns out that Yee was being accused through the same undercover FBI investigation. Ultimately, Yee was charged with a five-year prison sentence for accepting bribes and trafficking in arms.

Yee changed and developed his position over time, becoming an expert at political pandering. He was a chameleon and a nightmare for progressive San Francisco.

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